Intergenerational Trauma, Peace, and Reconciliation

Tattoo Removal Above is a link to my tattoo removal. Below is an article about intergenerational trauma and race reconciliation. At the bottom is an apology. Dear Ancestors, Earth, and her Inhabitants, I’m sorry y’all were conscripted into a rich man’s war. I was taught to give you honor for yall’s heroic efforts in defendingContinue reading “Intergenerational Trauma, Peace, and Reconciliation”

Healing in Rwanda with Damien Nkubana

This is an interview between Damien Nkubana and I. Damien is the program manager for PEARLS Rwanda Rehabilitation Centre. This is the story of the incredible work he is doing. All I can do is pass along his story and his words and hope that you will support my friend. The video is for contextContinue reading “Healing in Rwanda with Damien Nkubana”

Reverberation of War

The trees, buildings, people, and cannonsTower over my three feet.Smell of gunpowder. Sight of lanterns.People in the streetFear slices from my throat to my tummy.Where’s my daddy? Where’s my mummy?A sea of people taller than me.Where’s our tent? I can’t see… There you are!I hear my mothers voice.She comforts me under the stars.We had noContinue reading “Reverberation of War”