Polarization in North America and Northern Ireland

I come from a Southern U.S. family. My genealogy is 50% comprised of Scots-Irish families. My step-grandmother was born into an IRA family and crossed the Atlantic with her parents as a baby. In her words, “My parents were tired of bullets flying through the house and visiting my uncles in English prisons to feed them so they wouldn’t starve.” She told me this despite my Protestant father’s demand that she never speak about Catholicism, growing up in the Northern U.S., or the IRA. After all, U.S. Southern folkways are a continuation of the Ulster-Scots set in a North American context. Please see my background video on Swann’s Model of Radicalization and Polarization, as well as my other videos on the Holy Roman Empire and another on the Ulster Plantation. They are listed in chronological order here, but the last video explains the concept of my model the best. Thanks for reading. PLEASE leave your thoughts in the comments below or on the videos themselves. I hope you enjoy watching the Holy Roman Empire’s “Long March”.

Another post with different context: https://dontwantyourcivilwar.com/2021/04/30/swanns-model-of-radicalization/

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