Walking in Circles

I hiked on a trail to the past

And was led to the present.

Upon my personal survey of the trail,

I discovered several reference points,

Chiseled into stone, arrows pointing

To a slot that the professional may use

To determine the height of this path.

The slot was created by his predecessor.

Like most passers-by, I didn’t realize what this meant,

But paid my respect due to it’s age.

As I trudged along the well-worn muddy path,

Up and down peaks and valleys,

I came to a peak with a monument on top.

I couldn’t miss the monument-

Though it wasn’t what I was searching for.

It was right beside a miniscule, marble stone

With a bronze disk that marked the elevation of this pinnacle that I sought to see.

My accomplishment of elevation was overshadowed by a very impressive-massive sculpture,

En Memoriam of those who died in war.

As a veteran, I stood silent, spinning with the earth.

I considered the circle of conflict, or is it a sphere, that is so pervasive,

We honor it by cutting off the camouflaged, circular

-Keeper of time, and it’s associated branches,

-encouraging erosion at the top,

And asking people to lose more appendages by chopping trees and chiseling marble,

As tall as the great, sappy time-keepers,

Effectively overshadowing this little bronze disk-

That to me is second in majesty,

Only to the great circular time-keepers,

That will continue to grow,

IF we don’t stop them.

The marble erodes and decays

Only to be discovered over-again

Over-shadowing a benchmark

Surrounded by the great, circular, sappy,

Keepers of time that rarely speak aloud,

Except the peaceful creeks I hear

As air sways them to and fro

Dancing as I travel with them through life.

After my hike, I visited my white father,

A war historian,

And discovered that he was the surveyor of the project that eroded this naturally pure, priceless pinnacle,

And I asked why?

©2021 George B. Swann

Published by GB

Hiker, Guide, Peace activist, Yoga student, and Nature lover.

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